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What Kind of Horsepower?

It shouldn’t have come as a huge surprise when Max announced he wanted to re­place his GMC Jimmy with a horse. He had ridden and even showed his pony when he was much younger. He’d ridden an ostrich in South Africa. More recently, he’d talked a farmer in Costa Rica into renting him a horse. Pretty sure that farmer is laughing even today at the battle of wills he witnessed as Max rode that horse through a pasture full of cows and over to a river to look for snakes. The farmer knew the horse would come back, but would the rider? Max argued he could keep a horse in our backyard, a 100’ x 150’ city lot. He planned to ride it to work at the Wildlife Discovery Center, and stable the horse at Elawa Farm when he wasn’t riding it across the savanna scouting reptiles.

As adults, it’s easy to list all that is wrong with this and other fanciful ideas, but seldom do we respect and nurture the inner cravings that begin as fantasy, but express real life needs. Who wouldn’t like to lead a greener life more in harmony with nature while keeping all your familiar creature comforts? Listen for that inner message, resist the urge to limit fanciful thinking and watch a creative spirit blossom.