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What’s in the Bag?

Okay—so one more. You’re like a kid who won’t go to bed. Max and Nick Mancuso were with Nick’s family in Costa Rica at an upscale resort on the Pacific Ocean. The boys had a successful quest rounding up a bag of fer-de-lance from the resort grounds. Without their intercession, these venomous snakes were most likely to be killed when spotted by a groundskeeper. Max and Nick planned to take the snakes to a safer area and release them the next day. Mr. Mancuso met the boys at the condo door. “What’s in the bag?” he asked. Then seeing the bag pulse, he said “Never mind, just get them out of here.” Though the snakes missed the luxury of spending a night in a condo, they were released in a safer environment. I think the worlds a better place for Max and Nick’s efforts, though I’m not 100% convinced!