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Max's Mom, Mary Beth

Embodied here, at the Middlefork Savanna is the spirit of our son, Max Schewitz.

We’ve shared stories that showed Max’s zing, gusto, drive, energy, and compassion for others. I can tell you he was born with those qualities. From birth, he evolved and grew on his own trajectory, guided by his own inner spirit. He was the archetypal middle child, the happy glue that held us together as a family.

If there’s one thing Max would want you to take from his death, it is to learn to live each day to the max. He did. From wherever he is, he can look back and say I don’t regret a day. Take his energy, be transformed by his experiences, touch others lives, make others smile. Look to the east at each new day and carry on as he did, for now he can act only through us. He loved you all. Be brave.