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Max has been my best friend for sometime now and throughout our friendship I have always noticed that he is the most unique person that I have ever known. Max was a strong, fun, free spirit. Max has certainly been a teacher for myself and many others. Whether teaching reptile classes at Elawa or showing someone how to live a little different. Max was such a fun kid that one time he decided senior year was getting a little too boring so he played laser tag in the middle of senior hallway. Or what about the time Max questioned getting rid of his Blazer and buying a horse? He had so many ideas in his head of living a little different and he certainly lived different.

Max loved nature and the environment as a whole {he wasn’t a snob about it at all} he had traveled to places like Costa Rica, South Africa and was just recently in Australia with Nick. Even though he had been to all of these places, he didn’t mind filling a pack with me and camping out in the nearest woods we could find.

Recently, Max had gained a strong interest in Ancient Greece. He was fascinated with warriors such as Achilles of Sparta or Hector of Troy. This fascination could be noticed when Max watched the movie “Troy” over and over again. Or for those of us who saw his high school graduation, when he changed his middle name to “Achilles” for one day. Max loved that these men’s lives echoed for years and years. I can say this, the name Max Schewitz will not be forgotten for many years to come.

I’m going to miss Max so much and I’m going to miss learning from him. I will miss our adventures. I will miss our spear fishing on the shores of Lake Michigan. I will miss sitting around a fire in the woods with the night illuminated by the stars and the fire’s glow. I’m going to miss his loud deep laugh. I already miss you Max. I’m going to say one last thing from someone else, whose words are a little more poetic. “Listen to all the teachers in the woods. Watch the trees, the animals, and all the living things—you’ll learn more from them than books.” Somehow Max, at age 20, already knew this. Max didn’t go out with a bang, he lived his whole life with a bang.