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Edward G

The day we ventured into the basement of Elawa was an experience to say the least. When we reached the bottom of the stairs I went left and he went right. It was dark, cold, 2 inches of water, and there were plenty of spiders. Max called me into the next room. I though he was attempting to play one of his many pranks, but he wanted to show me a side closet. He needed an extra light so he could see better. I stood behind him as he walked forward and curplunk! Max stepped right into the sump pump overflow. As I pull him out of the mid-thigh level water we just laughed.

The fun did not stop there. We decided to set up a rappel in the garage to lower ourselves into that basement. There are no stairs or ladders so we did it like Steve Irwin does when he needs to get into a canyon to look for snakes. There was little excitement in the small basement, but it was fun to make up stories on what once could have happened down there. Of course we did this all when Rob was out of town. Good times.