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Stories about Max Schewitz

That night the rumor was answered in one breathless exchange. I had searched out the answer, though it took years to stumble upon.

Max has been my best friend for sometime now and throughout our friendship I have always noticed that he is the most unique person that I have ever known. Max was a strong, fun, free spirit.

Road Less Traveled, By Robert Frost

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,

And sorry I could not travel both

And be one traveler, long I stood

The day we ventured into the basement of Elawa was an experience to say the least. When we reached the bottom of the stairs I went left and he went right.

Embodied here, at the Middlefork Savanna is the spirit of our son, Max Schewitz.

Many of you know, Max followed his own set of rules, which often didn’t coincide with societal norms (or laws).

So you wanted to hear more about Max catching a fish with his bare hands?

Okay—so one more. You’re like a kid who won’t go to bed. Max and Nick Mancuso were with Nick’s family in Costa Rica at an upscale resort on the Pacific Ocean.

Everyone in our extended family knew of Max's passion and quest to spot reptiles in their native environment. And most hoped they would only hear about these stories, not be a part of them.

It shouldn’t have come as a huge surprise when Max announced he wanted to re­place his GMC Jimmy with a horse. He had ridden and even showed his pony when he was much younger.