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Maximus at Wildlife Discovery Center

 Rob Carmichael, Curator of the Wildlife Discovery Center, shows off Maximus, a captive-bred Saltwater Crocodile acquired in 2008. As Maximus grows too large for the WDC, he will be swapped for another juvenile. Maximus will then be mature for breeding and will return to his place of birth to keep the species going.

You don't have to travel to Australia to see these beauties! They can be seen at  the Wildlife Discovery Center at Elawa Farm in Lake Forest.

We have lots of other conservation-oriented projects waiting on budgeting (ho-hum) and a few that are at the dream stage (A Max Schewitz Greeting Garden at the WDC repleat with basking spots for animals on nice days, and an adventure travel club). Your support will turn these dreams into a reality. If you have suggestions for conservation projects you'd like to see us support, please send us your ideas!